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Google Earth Pro (2017)

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From discovering shipwrecks on the ocean floor to zooming into 3D cities around the world, you can explore an expansive library of tours, videos, and imagery that have been created by Google Earth and supporting partners.

Google Earth Features:

3D Imagery
Take flight over entire metropolitan areas in 3D.

3D Trees
See 3D trees in parks, neighborhoods, and forests.

Historical Imagery
Travel back in time with historical imagery.

Dive to new depths with Ocean in Google Earth tours.

3D Buildings
Explore 3D tours of buildings, cities and famous landmarks.

Explore a new planet and view images from NASA.

Discover distant galaxies, constellations and more.

Learn about the Moon and follow Apollo missions.

US Presidents
Learn about the US presidents and tour their birthplaces.

Climate Change
Take narrated tours about the impacts of climate change.

Heroes of Google Earth
See how people are using Google Earth to change their world.

Hubble Telescope
Browse these amazing images or fly to them in space. Download Google Earth Offline Installer Setup!

Favorite Places
Discover exciting places shared by global trendsetters.

Take a virtual walk around natural and cultural landmarks.

Liquid Galaxy
Build your own galaxy for your environment.
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